Marvin Gottlieb Website

Marvin Gottlieb has been active in international corporate affairs for 45 years. In 1965, he founded M. Gottlieb Associates, Inc. (MGA), an international manufacturers’ representative company that specializes in matching world-class technologies with the needs of its Fortune 500 clients. He has been a limited partner of Trident Capital (a venture capital fund) since its inception in 1992. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, MGA had offices in Indiana, Michigan, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Portugal, Japan, and Yugoslavia.

He has also served as a consultant to IBM, and advisor to General Motors, Ford, and Zenith Electronics on global procurement issues. He traveled extensively in the Far East and Australia with top officials of the Defense Department, under the Reagan administration, on trips concerning acquisition and procurement. Recently, Mr. Gottlieb visited Cuba as a member of a fact-finding tour sponsored by the Center of International Policy.

As a leader in the field of electronics manufacturing, he helped to establish and then served as co-chairman of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) Spring Conference from 1960-1985. This major annual conference focuses on innovations in electronic engineering and manufacturing technologies.

An active member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Mr. Gottlieb is a founding member of the Chairman’s Circle. Marvin is currently an adviser to the Hiroshima Gateway Peace Project. He recently stepped down as a member of the Board of Directors of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation of Chicago, on which he served for the past 10 years. He founded a family foundation that supports medical research in juvenile diabetes, breast cancer and several major cultural organizations in Chicago. He is a member of the International Map Collectors Society.

Marvin is also the President of Howland International, a UK-based Corporation, which is actively involved in energy issues, and oil and gas reserves. He is currently interested in new approaches for oil exploration, production and alternative sources of energy. He is a Vice Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Association for the Study of Peak Oil - USA, and
is an active member of the Canadian Association of Income Trust Investors. Marvin also serves as a member of the Advisory Board at the Wanger Institute For Sustainable Energy Research at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). Marvin and his wife, Elaine divide their time between Glencoe, Illinois, Palm Beach, Florida and Cedar Grove, Wisconsin. They enjoy travel, golf and spending time with their four granddaughters.